The images I am showing here have been taken already two and a half years ago. Up to now I only published a very few of them. But just recently I was in the right mood to go through the complete series once again and realized that it would be quite a shame to leave them rot on my hard drive – unnoticed and unappreciated. Lucky put so much passion and devotion into this work. Actually, I had the impression she was not posing for most of these shots, but immersing herself into a world that exclusively consist of herself.

Lucky is quite an extraordinary, lively, as well as kind and adorable person. But I could hardly pretend that I got acquainted with more than just a fraction of her personality during the few hours of her stay. Anyway, it was gorgeous spending time with her and I am really grateful for the very unique results we got.

Hope you like these pictures as much as I do even as they do not fit completely to my previous style.

10 thoughts on “Lucky”

  1. Cármen Veloso

    This is one of the most incredible series I have ever seen! I believe it was an amazing experience for both of you, and I can only admire that and wish to go through the same feelings one day! Well, honestly I have that same opinion on almost every photo you share, but whatever. Lots of love from Portugal!

  2. Chris Uglanica

    What a fantastic series. I am glad that you revisited these photographs as opposed to letting them sit on your hard drive. It reminds me that I should look back through some of my old work as well.

  3. Geoff Drinkel

    Superb pictures, I sometimes ask myself, is it the singer or the song, the photographer or the model? Difficult to answer, could be, but here I think you have created something exceptional, thank you, Florian!

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