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Most of my pictures have one thing in common: A very shallow depth-of-field. No wonder because I mostly shoot portraits and I love a soft and pleasant bokeh. So I would never ever use something like a compact camera or even a mobile phone for my shots – or would I?
Today Huawei launched their new mobile phone P9, equipped with a Leica dual-lens camera comprising two Summarit H 2.2/27 ASPH lenses. The two lenses are not only for capturing more light, to reduce noise and to increase image sharpness, but also to generate a three dimensional map that can be used to calculate an out of focus lens blur (bokeh).

A few days ago I had the opportunity to test the P9 in the Leica Museum in Wetzlar. Can you imagine a better place to try out Leica’s first smartphone camera 😉
All images are out of camera with ISO between 50 and 500 and a capture time between 1/280s and 1/25s. I edited them with the one or the other camera internal color filter (mostly blue and handsome) and set the “virtual” wide aperture to the max. value of f/0.95. The good thing about this effect is, that it can also be set afterwards. So if the wide aperture produces any image artefacts or you simply don’t like it, you can reduced or removed it completely.

I will not comment the results, but I highly appreciate if you do  🙂  Here or on facebook.
What do you think? Will computational photography some day replace a well crafted photographic lens? Will a mobile phone picture eventually be indistinguishable from an image taken with a fast prime lens?
I made a test and asked my facebook follower to guess the camera/lens of a certain picture that I took with the Huawei P9. You can find the answers here.

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  1. You are looking like a gentle ,very mysterious and challenging lady. I like you ,your work and I like photography of photographic instruments . I am currently using a Lumia 535 for making pictures ,can’t say I’m a fan of using such devices for photography making but they are quite handy . I will consider getting a P9 as a next device of daily use especially because of the camera ,would appreciate having a software pro camera as on the Lumia 535

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