Autumn stream

The pictures I’m showing here had been taken almost a year ago when I managed to convince Astrid, Janina and Sandra to make themselves comfortable into some muddy water for a few minutes.
Don’t worry, it wasn’t as cold and nasty as it looks, at least for me ­čśë But from the girls perspective I think they had much more pleasant shootings in the past.
Nevertheless, they did a great job and I like to thank them for all their patience and hardiness┬á ­čÖé
Regarding equipment, I usually like to play around with different cameras (film and/or digital). But this time I only used my Nikon D700 together with a 1.4/85 and a 2.8/24-70 in order to work as fast as possible.
I hope you like our work.

4 thoughts on “Autumn stream”

  1. absolutly wonderful work,
    as usual,I must say! I am a big fun of your “photos” since I found it in 500px and it is always a pleasure to browse on your galleries and enjoy your stunning “captures”, keep enchanting us!

  2. Rama Reddy Ganta

    Your photos run like a poem and are an expression of beauty in the form of the ever mysterios feminine physique placed in the infinite spaces of nature and secured abodes.

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