When model and photographer meet to shoot some portraits you can be sure that the results will comprise the personality of at least two persons. That’s the beauty of it.
When I start shooting, and sometimes even much earlier when I am looking for a model, I wonder how much the model will contribute? How much she will actually put of her character and nature into play. And I always, each and every time, encourage my models to open up and show as much as possible of her inner self.
This was not neccessary when I met Iris. In fact we did not even talk about what to shoot when we decided to meet for a Friday afternoon. She was by far the most experienced model I ever worked with and so I knew, everything would be fine. And so it was.
Due to the bad weather we agreed to stay inside and so I prepared a small setup: a bed, a tiny sideboard, an old curtain and some light was all we needed. Iris quickly put herself into the scenery and what followed was more or less in her hands. This was perfectly fine for me. I could concentrate on my camera, a Leica M240 (with 0.95/50 and R2/180) and whatched Iris doing … nothing less than a wonderful job  🙂

At this point I would also like to thank Roxana. A make-up artist who lived close to my place and with whom I worked together several times. Unfortunately she relocated to Berlin, that means far, far away and most likely this shooting was our last one together. I wish you all the best Roxana.

12 thoughts on “Iris”

  1. I am glad to see You back 🙂
    Telling the truth I’ve been waiting for that.

    Wonderfull photographs. Beautiful light.

  2. José Luis Jiménez

    ¡¡¡¡ Fantásticos !!!!!
    ♪♪ Mis Felicitaciones por esa maestría como fotógrafo ♪♪
    Mis saludos.
    José Luis

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