Astrid III

This is already the third post with Astrid and I really hope it won’t be the last. It’s not only that I love the results we get, it’s more how much I enjoy spending time with her.
It was a cloudy but fortunately mild day in late autumn when we met at her place. After a small breakfast we headed for a nearby park to take a relaxed stroll along the bare trees and through the rustling leaves. Occasionally, we stopped here and there for the one or another shot. It was a small but pleasant park. Surrounded by old houses with wrought-iron fences and partly overgrown front gardens. Astrid told me that she likes to spend her summer afternoons here, reading books, having a walk or just relaxing in the sun. It must be a nice and pretty quiet place in the summer, I thought.
Later we went to the Main river and took some last shots at the riverside. We even caught a few low sunbeams until nightfall let me give up any attempt to take further pictures.
On this day I left my digitals at home. All colored pictures were taken with a Leica M7 (0.95/50) on Kodak Portra 160 and the b&w with a Nikon F4 (1.8/105) or a Contax 645 (2/80) on Fuji Acros 100, developed in XTol 1:1.

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