I was a bit surprised when Chloé wrote me and asked for a shooting. You know, she lives in Berlin and that’s more than 500 km away from my place.
But she didn’t seem to mind. We fixed a date, she took a 6 hour bus ride and spent a summer evening together with me at a small quarry pond.
Although the place was not outstanding, the sunset was just wonderful. The surrounding vegetation shone resplendent in the low-lying sun and the light reflected from the water surface had just the right quality for beautiful portrait shots. And all of this was joined by Chloé’s kind and highly motivated nature – and, not to mention, her enchanting beauty.
Most of the images were taken on film (Kodak Portra, TriX, Fuji Acros 100). Either with a Leica M7, 0.95/50, 1.4/35, or a Contax 645, 2.0/80. For a few, I used a digital Leica M.

15 thoughts on “Chloe”

  1. Andrea Richey

    …diese Serie ist wieder so wunderbar!!! Sie ist ein tolles Modell. Ich mag es sehr wie Du dieses schöne Licht genutzt hast!

  2. Hans-Jürgen Krahtz

    Hallo Florian,

    another fantastic set of beautiful pictures, and a beautiful model as well. She knows why she wanted to travel 500 km to see you, and get this fantastic pictures.

    Best regards/Beste Grüße

    Hans-Jürgen Krahtz

  3. Beautiful photos my friend. Love the mood, lighting and model. Do you use any reflector or flash. How do you expose against the sun and you can still see the face clearly? Keep up the great work!

    1. Florian Weiler

      Thanks Hai-Ho, glad you like my pictures 🙂 I did not use flash or reflector and here I did incident-light metering with a hand held device.

  4. Bonjour,
    Des photos magnifiques, les albums en noir et blanc plus beaux les uns que les autre.
    Merci de nous faire partager votre art.
    Bonne journée


  5. Hi Florian,

    I just discovered your work on Flickr, through the Prodigy group and followed the link here. I am completely blown away by the depth and beauty of your work. You have such a way of capturing the spirit of your model. The large image of Chloe is just perfect in every way.

    Anne Silver

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