When I first saw Astrid’s portfolio, I was quite unsure if she would fit my kind of photography. Her sedcard was a mixture of a few simple fashion shots and rather experimental portraits. But we had a very nice first contact and so I decided to give it a try. We started with a few digital shots in my studio and I was immediately impressed how gorgeously her look appeared on the screen. I quickly changed to film, grabbed my cameras and headed with her for a nearby lake.
As I mentioned in my previous post, I sometimes like to play around with a bunch of gear. This time it was a 2,8/165 attached to my Pentax 67, a noctilux 0,95/50 with a Leica M7 and the quite bulky R 2/180 with a Leica R7 camera. I am in the lucky position that I can easily borrow Leica equipment when I like to. And of course, I use this opportunity quite often.
I never shot with the R 2/180 before and I was pretty curious how this lens would perform, especially for close up portraits and particularly regarding depth of field. I must admit that I am a big fan of small DOF and I almost exclusively use my lenses wide opened. But I don’t want to talk too much about equipment and rather show you some results. I hope you enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Astrid”

  1. Just found your blog and I love it. Your pictures are spectacular and this model is of exceptional beauty. Really inspiring!


  2. Hi Florian! Your work is absolutely great. Nice sensual photos.
    I’m just wondering if you realy can shoot the noctilux wide open outdoor. The M7 never can be that fast. What film do you use? Do you use filters?

    1. Florian Weiler

      I always use a ND 0,9 on the nocti lens during daylight. With this filter I get the same speed as my Pentax 2.8/165 lens which I often use together with the Leica. So as long as I use the same film I can also use the same time settings on the cameras.
      Regarding film I often use Kodak Portra 160 during sunlight and I don’t worry too much overexposing the film with 1 or 2 stops.

  3. Hi. I have just discovered your blog and think your images are fanatstic. I am an ex Advertising photographer who spent most of my professional life shooting on film, and as much as i have embraced the digital technology I miss shooting on film. it is inspiring to see your work and there is no doubt a big difference between film images and digital.
    i mainly used medium format and 5×4 and occasionally 35mm.
    You shoot great photography and and have lovely technique.
    And quoting David Bailey its not the camera that takes a good photograph it,s the person behind it.


  4. Hi Florian, deine Seite hat mich dazu gebracht auch wieder mehr analog zu fotografieren…
    Finde deine Fotos echt klasse und sie sind analog also voll echt und natürlich!
    Wünsche dir für die nächsten Shootings immer gutes Licht

    Liebe Grüße von der Ostsee 😉

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