A few days ago, I had my first portrait shooting exclusively on film. No digital backup, no polaroids, no whatsoever – just this little blackbox that gives you no feedback whether you are doing it right or screwing it up completely. More precisely, I took three cameras with me, a Pentax 67 with an 1:2.8/165, a Contax 645 with an 1:2/80 and a Leica M7 with an 1:0.95/50. As film I used Kodak Portra and TriX.
My gorgeous and very patient model Joanne and I just strolled through the fields near the place I’m living, stopping from time to time and taking pictures – always with wide opened aperture and solely with available light.
I decided to shoot on film more often when I realised how gorgeous and how finished the pictures look when coming out of the scanner. Not as sharp as digital, but always with a certain look and mood which I so often miss on my digitals. Sometimes I had tried to mimic this look, but was never really satisfied. Aside from that it also feels like cheating when you know that you can get it the “right” way. With film I also don’t have the desire to push the image quality to its limit. It’s like an apartment not being perfectly clean and tidy, but very cosy – just fine.
Anyway, this experience made me confident leaving my digitals at home when going out shooting just for fun 🙂

5 thoughts on “Joanne”

  1. Found your page via 500px and I have to say that your images are very impressive and full of atmosphere. In this post, image 3, 6 and the last one are just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Schön, dass man hier nun auch Kommentare hinterlassen kann.
    Dann will ich mir die Gelegenheit gar nicht nehmen lassen und dir schreiben, wie absolut begeistert ich von deinem Portfolio bin. Jedes deiner Bilder ist auf seine Art und Weise ein absoluter Hingucker!

  3. Hello, nice body of photographic work! I like that you also write a bit about the models… Maybe we could meet someday somehow in Berlin.
    PS: the Contax 645 is a “little black box”? :-/ I think is not a key ring!

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