Earlier this year, my good friend Janice from Beijing and I traveled to the Philippines after I wrapped up a business trip in Shenzhen. We visited the busy streets of Manila, admired the incredibly beautiful landscapes of Palawan, and made brief stops in Bohol and Cebu Island.

Metro Manila

While in Manila, we stayed within the bustling city of Makati, otherwise known as the financial district of Metro Manila. Makati is full of high buildings, swanky shopping centers, and very vibrant nightlife.

We spent a day visiting Intramuros, the historical heart of Manila. We strolled over the cobbled streets amidst well-preserved Spanish colonial architecture, visited such iconic places as Fort Santiago and San Agustin Church.

Quite nice was also the trip to Manila Ocean Park, where marine-life displays are both instructive and highly attractive, for a pleasant diversion from the noisy city streets.


Palawan was the absolute highlight of our trip to the Philippines. Janice and I flew to Puerto Princesa and then took a car to El Nido, a journey that set the stage for an incredible adventure.

We enjoyed two wonderful boat tours around the islands near El Nido. In the crystal-clear waters, we went snorkeling and kayaking, spending perfect hours on some of the most pristine beaches we’ve ever seen. We also visited Lio Beach and Duli Beach to the north, and Las Cabañas Beach to the south, where we were greeted by a beautiful sunset.

One particularly exciting part of our stay in El Nido was the short hike on the El Nido Via Ferrata Canopy Walk. The hike offered great views of the town and the surrounding landscapes, adding another touch of adventure to our visit.

Next, we took a boat from El Nido to Coron, where we spent two days exploring the natural beauty of the area. We took additional boat trips around Coron, which revealed even more breathtaking scenery. A memorable hike up to the Mount Tapyas Viewdeck provided us with a stunning panoramic view of the island.

Our time in Palawan was filled with adventure, relaxation, and awe-inspiring landscapes, making it the most memorable part of our Philippine journey.


Our day trip through Bohol was filled with interesting activities and beautiful sights. We began the day with a short ATV ride through very muddy terrain and visited the Chocolate Hills, a unique landscape of rolling hills.

We also had the opportunity to see the legendary tarsiers, the smallest primates in the world. Observing these tiny creatures in their natural habitat was a fun and unique experience.

Cebu island

After our time in Bohol, Janice had to return to Beijing, and I continued my journey to Cebu Island, specifically to Moalboal.

Close to Moalboal, I went on a canyoneering adventure at Kawasan Falls. The combination of ziplining,  trekking, jumping, and swimming through the canyon was both fun and challenging.

The highlight of my time in Moalboal was diving with the famous sardine run. Swimming amidst the massive school of sardines was an awe-inspiring and surreal experience, easily one of the most memorable moments of my entire trip.

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