In June 2021, Mei, Summer and I went to France for two weeks with my small camper. We cruised along the coast of Normandy and Brittany to the western tip at Brest. I had already started a similar journey alone in 2018, but at that time I had to give up shortly after Le Havre due to technical problems. This time, however, everything worked out perfectly and we had a wonderful trip 🙂

We made our first stop at the Les Alouettes et L’Image campsite near Lille before continuing on to the Normandy coast at Escalles, where we were greeted by strong winds and dense clouds.

Lots of sunshine and a beautiful sandy beach welcomed us the next day in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage and Ault.

Then we went to the beautiful coast at Étretat, where you can take a wonderful walk along the cliffs.

Our next stop was in the port town of Honfleur, where we visited the pretty old half-timbered houses and quaint little harbour.

Then we continued via Deauville to Mont-Saint-Michel.

Mont-Saint-Michel really is a beautiful place and we highly recommend everyone to visit this small island in the Normandy Wadden Sea.

From Mont-Saint-Michel we went on to Brittany, past the Pointe du Grouin, Plage du Guesclin and Cap Fréhel to the pink granite formations on the Côte de Granit Rose with its beautifully situated lighthouse.

The next stops were the Gwel Kaër campsite, the Pointe de Dinan and the area south of Crozon.

After that we visited the Pointe du Van and Pointe du Raz.

Our last stop in France was in Hautvillers, where we took a few more pictures with the Bulli in the Champagne vineyards.

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